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NIMk Distributed

NIMk distributed is a joined project by Isabel Lucena, Florian Conradi, Michelle Christensen and Jan van Bruggen visualizing the distributive activities of media art by the Netherlands Media Art Institute.

Final results can be found at NIMk distributed

The graph illustrates the distribution of media art by the Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst (NIMk) from 2004 till 2008, based on the parameters of geographical location and the number of institutions distributed to within each country. This graph was applied to t-shirts which were distributed at the NIMk open house event in the the occasion of the 30 year anniversary of the institute, hence distributing their distribution.

NIMk distributed screenshot

NIMk distributed poster Florian Conradi at NIMk distributed
michelle christensen at NIMk distributed Isabel Lucena at NIMK distributed

 NIMk distributed