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Minimum Viable Product

How viable is your product. Can we, please, make it a bit less....(Read more)


Specifically with the current trend for inspirational texts over images in mind, this font is meant to represent a good value for your money attitude. It's free....(Read more)

Bible The

Coming soon......(Read more)

Random Acts Of Kindness

As a new years' resolution for 2013 I'll be putting a new, smaller, project online every month. In the context of random acts of kindness the intended...(Read more)

Sometimes The Answer To Your Prayer Is No

Sometimes the answer to your prayer is No. A print based on the Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's world"....(Read more)

BDMania Prints

A growing collection of comic book quotes. Taken out of context, edited and reprinted on a larger scale...(Read more)

Working Title

Working title. is a generative web application. Using the Bing image search to select two random images from the internet, these images are subsequently...(Read more)

I'm Medicated How Are You

Stickers meant for an other form of social introduction than your basic name....(Read more)

Frankie Went To Hollywood

Frankie went to Hollywood is a t-shirt collaboration with Isabel Lucena...(Read more)

Created Equal

A series of experiments with rearranging pixel data and the abstract meaning of imagery...(Read more)


Generated poster series...(Read more)