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A set of custom made stamp, a marker, some labels and public space....(Read more)

PSA - Toilet Flushes Automatically

It might not happen immediately, but eventually it will rain....(Read more)


Electrophoria is an interactive video installation based on the work done with Our New Silence....(Read more)

At Nearinteraction

Selected projects while working at NearInteraction ...(Read more)

If Paintings...

Site specific application to visualize 6 mic sound input for Niels Schrader at museum "de Paviljoens"....(Read more)

Me At The Stedelijk

The installation software allowed visitors to make a snapshot, standing in front of a green screen, and replace the background with one of 16 scenarios...(Read more)

NIMk Distributed

NIMk distributed is a joined project by Isabel Lucena, Florian Conradi, Michelle Christensen and Jan van Bruggen visualizing the distributive activities...(Read more)

Our New Silence

Raw generated video material for one of the first Our New Silence shows in Athens, Georgia....(Read more)